Plants put to work.

Livegraft designs, installs, maintains, and teaches people about living architecture. Livingwalls and livingroofs (also known as greenwalls, greenroofs, or vertical gardens and roof gardens) provide a host of benefits, and are one tool in building a greener world, and a closer connection to nature.

What is the definition of Livegraft? It is twofold. It is the grafting of live material from one place, onto another. Like a skingraft, but with plants. It also describes all the ‘work’ that plants do for us, for free.

live /lɪve/  |  graft /ɡrɑːft/

Live material that is transplanted from a healthy region to another in need of repair; or a piece of live tissue that is transferred into another life support system in which it continues growth.

“ Mosses and ferns were livegrafted onto the roof of the studio…”

live /lɪve/  |  graft /ɡrɑːft/

The ‘work’ which living plants perform, also known as ecosystem services. This can include oxygen generation, water purification, pollution remediation, as well as food production and psychological benefits.

“ The main livegraft the plants performed in the office were improving air quality…”


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