Livingwalls that don’t cost the earth.

We believe that livingwalls should be sustainable, and don’t need to be expensive. We do this by using recycled materials, simple irrigation systems and low maintenance native species.

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What does Livegraft mean? Livegraft describes the grafting of live material from one place, onto another. Like a skingraft, but with plants. It also describes all the ‘work’ that plants do for us, for free.

What are the benefits of livingwalls?

We believe in truly sustainable living walls. We believe these livingwalls shouldn’t cost the earth, they should be affordable and accessible to all.

How do you go about it?

We advocate solar-powered irrigation and lighting, rainwater harvesting, recycled substrates, native plant species and training young people up for the horticultural jobs of the future. We believe in carbon neutral systems, using recycled materials that are in turn recyclable – cradle to cradle.


We offer full design services for living walls, from technical drawings and planting plans, to photorealistic visualisations.


We install living walls across the UK, including any sub-structure construction, setting up irrigation systems and putting plants in pockets.


All living walls need some degree of maintenance, though with right plant species selection this can be minimised.


We run workshops and talks to educate people about living walls and how we can bring nature back into our cities.